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Pdf Additional information Biosecurity and Permanent Isolation of Ex Situ Conservation Populations These standards are based upon those reported in the proceedings of the cbsg/waza Amphibian Ex situ Conservation Planning

Workshop, El Valle, Panama, 12-15th February 2006. Start a letter-writing campaign to politicians, from local to federal, to raise their awareness and ask them to encourage and finance conservation activities for amphibians. 1941 Graham Hollywood Cord Car. Clearly, promoting better environmental stewardship will benefit our thin-skinned friends but also our own kind. Start a herp group, band together and pool your resources. 1924 Ford Roadster and Hot Rod Truck. Amphibian Ark staff Kevin Zippel and Ron Gagliardo wrote on the Paw Talk blog about some of the ways members of the public can participate in amphibian-related activities. 1946 Ford Hot Rod, Joe Morris. If you are a student (or you have kids in school start a letter-writing campaign in your and other schools encouraging them to do the same. Tom the Tire Guys newsletter sign up page. Did you know that the zoo community does not even know how to breed our common backyard toads without using artificial hormone injections?

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Do your visitors know that we are experiencing the greatest species conservation challenge in the history of humanity? Association of Zoos Aquariums Amphibian Husbandry Resource Guide. Please join them your donations are helping to save amphibian species from extinction! We must all work together to keep our animals and their potential pathogens contained. We wish that we could invite you to join us by breeding threatened species in your home, but that is not practical for several reasons.

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Fundraising Ideas page for organising activities for school or community groups to help raise fund, while also raising awareness of the plight of amphibians. Show us your grassroots: organize a bake sale, can drive, or carwash, sell frog tee shirts or stuffed animals, or organize recycling drives for cell phones and inkjet and toner cartridges, which can be sold to recyclers for money there are countless ways that people. Get together with friends and collect the garbage from your local wetland. Help save the lives of threatened species by using m, a Yahoo-powered search engine that will bring up the results you need and simultaneously donate money to Amphibian Ark. We can document declining populations and disease transmission caused by this trade. Planet Patrol provides great advice. Second, you can use your skills and motivation to make a difference in advancing our husbandry knowledge. Please join Goodsearch today to give amphibian conservation efforts a head start in the right direction. About 165 species may already be extinct. Raise money to support conservation projects where many times even a few hundred dollars can go a long way. You can perform everyday online tasks while raising money to help the organization protect and restore species for generations to come. Instead of buying wild-collected specimens that might originate from small populations (e.g., Laotian and Iranian newts, the latest thumbnail dendrobatid consider other species and sources. Zoos and other organizations have the resources to achieve this level of biosecurity, whereas most hobbyists do not.

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This also applies to native ones you might have collected locally, as they might have caught exotic parasites from your other pets. In addition to using the search engine, you can easily generate funds by shopping for a wide variety of items from more than 2,800 participating stores and websites on m, including Bloomingdales, Office Depot, Groupon and Amazon. First, you can get involved in collaborations that promote sustainable breeding and management, like the Amphibian Steward Network set up by the Tree Walkers organization, which harnesses the passion, skills, and resources of private amphibian enthusiasts to promote activities leading to sustainable captive population management. Assess, upgrade and expand amphibian facilities, and send staff to participate in training courses or internships at institutions with existing capacity, or sponsor someone in need. And speaking of students, go visit them and share your passion. Communicate and coordinate intentions and activities through AArk. In other words, while you are saving big bucks on the purchases you would normally make, youre also helping Amphibian Ark raise the money it needs to help numerous countries fund their own facilities to care for a wide range of species that are native. Make a new wetland in your backyard, even a small pond will help.

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Where appropriate, ask for documentation for imported specimens and avoid specimens and vendors lacking such information. Please note though, just because your animals arent destined for release does not mean that they pose no risk to the wild. Read their posting here. However, that does not mean that you cannot do important things with your collection to help our cause! Make an effort to tread more lightly on the planet by curbing your big carbon vices: big cars, big families, hot thermostats, and hamburgers you know the right thing. After all, it is the commercial trade that spread chytrid around the world and got us into this mess in the first place. Take the time to interact with a local class, and be sure to tell them about our amphibian-related curricular materials for school kids. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth or while you wash your hands and follow the three Rs Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. To minimize your impact, purchase only captive-bred animals from reliable and ethical sources. If you are surrounded by development and they dont come, rescue eggs and tadpoles from local swimming pools and use them to seed new populations.